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This growing up thing is for the birds. Never before did I truly understand why parents lamented the passing of time quite so much. Sure, time moves along, but is it that big of a deal?

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Yeah. When you have a baby short days/weeks away, and a little boy that is now, quite proudly (as he should be!) 6.5 years old, and taller every day, you shake your fist at time. It’s a rather cruel creature. How are we having our third baby already?! How have we been married for almost 8 years? How are our kids so big? How is Landon reading books to us? And you look at the baby and  maternity pictures from 7 years ago, and get teary eyed due to your 37-week hormones. I don’t want to think about Jr high and high school and graduations and weddings yet. I understand when my mom says she can’t believe her baby is having another baby, or my sister and I talking in disbelief about “ice skating” in our socks in the kitchen when we we little, which was just days ago (!!!), while we watch my almost 5-year-old do the exact same thing.

Nathan & I try to be deliberate in the time we spend with the kids. They need a mommy and daddy who read to them, talk to them on the phone, who spend time with them, who teach them how to bake or pick up toys, or Windex the glass coffee table. I don’t want to wake up one day and realize it’s all over, I want to wake up and, while being amazed at how quickly they’re growing, like we are now, to know I was present for it, that I didn’t spend every moment working, that we had family movie nights and happy snow days, and daddy showing Landon how to install kitchen counter top days. Work is always around, and we both have to work, but I’ll admit to spending some very late nights after the kids are in bed finishing work, because no matter how much I need sleep, being with them is so much more infinitely precious to me.

Grow, little man. I don’t love it, and I don’t relish it, but I enjoy being with you for every step of it.

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Spokane Kids PicturesSpokane Kids Photographer


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