The Fair! 2011 | Spokane Photographer

Tuesday we went to the fair with my best friend, her brother, and two more friends. It’s become almost a tradition for us to go with my best friend and her brother (I grew up with them in Portland! 🙂 ) and this year was just as fun as last year. The kids love looking at the animals, the food, the vendors, and climbing into police cars and fire trucks. Landon informed the firemen this year that he has a fire truck like they do, but his is a bit smaller. 😉


Feeding the sheep! Emma wouldn’t do it, she quickly put her food in the hand of her auntie to feed them for her. 😉

Funny story here. I have the silliest kids!

And a big thanks to Alex, for taking this picture of me and my bestie. I can’t wait to get it in a frame. 🙂

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