Spokane Professional Photographer | 10 On Tuesday

1. Happy April! Here’s to spring and sunshine, one of my favorite times of the year.

2. I took the kids outside last night for some images in their Easter outfits, and got some pretty sweet ones. They’re finally, finally, getting to the age when they accept bribes (popcorn and movie night!) and actually genuinely have fun with it. 22 months apart was a doozy for awhile, and while some days it still is, the ridiculously close bond they have together makes my heart melt into pieces. I can’t believe how close they are, and how much they love each other. I adore my little (by 18 months!) brother, so seeing them like this as they grow older…hooray!

3. And right after their cuteness, they started squealing at each other again. It was Emma’s turn to pick the movie, and she was still upset…so I look over, and Landon (who did *not* want to watch the movie) was fast forwarding the movie, saying “Here you go Emma, better watch it fast!” sigh.

4. Landon is growing up though. On Sunday he went with his Sunday school class and teacher to the indoor water park up north, his first day away besides with family. (Rach, you’re counted as family. 😉 ) He did so well, and had so much fun, and it just amazes me that he’ll be 5 soon. Impossible!

5. I was contacted by a framing company last week to write a review on their frames. My choices arrive this week, and I am really excited to show them to you all! I love their designs, & colors & how easy it appears to be. fingerscrossed!

6. AND, I have a new canvas vendor that I am excited to try out and show off samples. Lots of goodies this week!

7. My site will probably be down the end of this week for a few days. I’m working on some upgrades that need to come, along with some requests from clients. If you can’t find me for a day or two, I’m here, just working away. 🙂

8. At this time, I have one May session date left available, and am now booking into June, July & August. Please contact me if you wish to book that last session in May, or for details on summer sessions.  Additionally, if you’re expecting a little one this year, please contact me soon as newborn session dates go very quickly. I already have one newborn on the books for September, hooray for new little ones!

9. Any December 2012 mommy’s announced yet? I can’t believe we’re now looking towards 2013 for new babies. Time FLIES.

10. Have a lovely day, and week! We’re off to measure rooms at the new house, to get painting as soon as we close!

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