Spokane Photographer | 10 On Tuesday

1. Merry Christmas, and a very Happy New Year! I hope you and your family had as nice of a Christmas day as we did! Opening presents, church and then the rest of the day & dinner with my side of the family! I love relaxing and enjoying the time with them, not thinking about work, or Nathan’s job or anything else, just family. 🙂

2. And, here’s us on Christmas morning!


4. We have had quite the last two weeks around here, and one of our biggest changes is that we put an offer on a house! We’re so excited about the prospect of not only staying in Spokane, but also gaining a blessing of more room to spread out. Our house is pretty small for 4 people. 🙂 We’ve past one hurdle, and now we’re on to the next, which is playing the waiting game.

5. And on that note, I am so excited to see what  2012 brings. 2011 brought alot of changes and learning experiences to our family, and I sincerely hope that 2012 will be the year of calm. 😀

6. And health. I am so sick this week, and I feel like I got hit by a Mac truck. Here’s to quickly getting work done today and then laying around!

7. Last week, a few days before Christmas, I had the absolute pleasure of going out to Coeur d’Alene with my friend Tami and photographing some models at night by the resort! SO much fun, and such a great experience. I hope to be back this week or next with a huge sneak peek of our gorgeous models.

8. And on that note, I’ve gained two fabulous friends in my life this year, Amy & Tami. Both of these women are full of life and love, and I am SO grateful to have them to talk to, to share experiences with, and to learn from. Here’s to many more years of friendship to come!

9. And on my final note on 2011, thank you to all my clients. I am so grateful for each inquiry and booking I get, for each person that takes the time to call and inquire further about my services, and to each family who’s home I get to enter, and who’s family I have the pleasure of capturing memories for. I am so very, very grateful that this is what I do for a career, and so very grateful to each of you for your trust.

10. Blessings as you enter a new, and fabulous new year!

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