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1. Happy Tuesday! It’s a pretty happy one for us-on Thursday we got the for sure go! on the house, so we’re moving in 8 weeks or less! Hooray! I can’t really describe what a roller coaster ride of crazy it’s been. It’s been 6 months of working at a house, and it feels so wonderful to have the weight of my shoulder’s that we can pack, and we can make plans for the little home we live in now.

2. Spring weather helps too! Hooray for some sunshine. All the snow is finally melted at our house, and I’m excited to start seeing some of my bulbs come up outside, my favorite time!

3. Speaking of spring, don’t forget to set your clocks forward 1 hour this coming Saturday night. It’s already time!

4. Did you know that Windows 7 has speech recognition software built in to it? I’m thinking I’m a little more excited about this then I probably should be, but I wonder if it could actually save some time. I do type quickly though (ok, Nathan always asks if the keyboard is on fire 😉 ) but if it could pick it up as quickly, just talking into the microphone for emails etc., while I was multi tasking with something else would be really awesome. We shall see!

5. You might remember a few months back me talking about what streaming player we should decide on for our various subscriptions to Netflix and Pandora and the like. My brother’s bought me a Roku for my birthday, and now that we’ve had it for awhile, I can honestly say that we love it! It works really well, is easy to navigate, and has alot of channels for free or low cost. It’s perfect for our family since we don’t care to spend the money on cable (never watch it) but can still watch movies or sports easily when we do want to. Click this link, and you can receive $5 AND free shipping when you buy a Roku.

6.See the fun new rewards button on the left? I’m excited to get something new going for my clients-details to come as soon as it’s all set up! Edited to add: it will be up as soon as it works again! 😉

7. A few  nights ago Landon & I were playing Angry Bird’s together (guilty pleasure 😉 ) and Emmalia was curled up on my lap discussing the “evil pigs!!” with us. She hadn’t had a nap, and eventually she curled up by my feet and fell asleep…and then Landon went to snuggle her. And thus, the ensuing picture, that makes my heart happy every time I see it.  This needs a large spot in our new home. 🙂 P.S. Now you can play Angry Birds on Chrome too! Because that’s totally what’s important here. 😉



9. Did you notice the new timeline options on the business Facebook page? Now you all can message me on there! Besides that, I think they look lovely.

10. Have a happy week! I’m off to pack! 🙂

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