Spokane Family Photographer | Holly Clouse Photography | 10-On-Tuesday

1. Happy Tuesday! And Happy Amost-March, and Happy let’sallstarteatingEastercandylikecrazy! That last one’s my favorite. 😉

2. I’m currently working on a review of 3 different photo book companies I have used in the past year. Please let me know if you have any specific questions I can answer!

3. Oh, and a review of a learning website that Landon is using, which is awesome! I’m pretty excited about that one as they also want me to share a free trial-who doesn’t love free stuff?!

4. I’m having fun thinking ahead to the kids’ birthday’s coming up, and deciding on what kind of theme they would like. Even if it’s just Nathan & I & a few close friends or family that celebrate with us, I still love making it a theme, since kiddos these ages (almost 3 and 5!) are so into things like that. I might currently be debating whether or not I should dress up like TinkerBelle and really surprise Emma. You think I would look like an idiot? Don’t answer that. 😉

5. Nathan’s dad comes home this week for a visit from Afghanistan! We can’t wait to see him again,  my kiddos are going nuts with anticipation that they get to see daddy AND papa this week! If I’m quiet for a few days this weekend, it’s because it’s another weekend with family!

6. Does anyone use Cozi for organization and calender keeping? I love having a calander or book that I can write in, erase, redo and go. I like having something physical in front of me to make use of, but our calender is INSANE. The amount of stuff that we have going on, and the amount of room I just don’t have anymore gets old. I love that Cozi is free, and I also love receiving texts or emails when there is an appointment I need to remember coming up.  Oh yeah, the extra background organizer is an extra bonus!

7. Speaking of organizing, I reorganized the kids room today, no small feat! So many clothes in such a teeny tiny room. It is fun to see how much we can fit in there though, using up every spare bit of space, and utilizing it for the best. Works for me!

8. Can you think happy thoughts for us this week, and maybe say a prayer or two? We’re waiting on some finer details on the house, and it looks like it might still not go through. Hopefully Thursday we can breathe big sighs of relief, but for now we keep waiting on pins and needles. Actually, I don’t think either of us really is on pins and needles, we just don’t even feel like we’re moving-nothing is packed, and we’ve been so busy with other things.

9. This last weekend we did get to see alot of Nathan’s family that was in town, and it was wonderful! We have a family reunion coming up this year as well-makes me miss my family! 🙂

10. Have a lovely week-and get ready for more snow! 5-8 inches forecasted for the next 36 hours-my kids will be thrilled! 😉

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