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1. Happy Tuesday! How about some surprise sunshine, huh?! We’ve got to love Spokane…last week at this time we were getting snow (we got 4 inches Wednesday!), Sunday we had gorgeous 64 degree weather at our house, and yesterday weather.com said we’re supposed to be in for rain until next Monday, but we wake up to lovely sun (and COLD). How’s that for spring?!

2. Thank you all so much for the sweet comments and emails I have gotten on my post about Mother’s and Daughter’s. I wrote it in the moment, exactly how I was feeling that day, and I am so grateful to hear how many of you mom’s and daughter’s feel the same.

3. If you ever struggle with what clothing to put your family in for a session, or perhaps what matches and compliments best, I’ve got something fun for you at the beginning of ever month now, starting Sunday. Keep an eye out for it!

4. And with that, it’s April on Sunday! We’re pretty excited for April in our house, the big move to the new house is coming up fast! (and I have packed the huge total of 4 boxes. What.)

5. Who went and saw the Hunger Games this past weekend? I heard 50/50 reviews on it, so now I can’t decide if I want to see it or not…

6. We went to the park on Sunday, due to the absolutely gorgeous weather (who could resist?!) and while I have alot of pictures to share of the kids, this next one of Emma is one of my favorites to date. Huge canvas is going on the wall at our new home!


Spokane Baby Photographers

8. She holds nothing back from life. 🙂

9. And with that, I also have snow pictures of the kids from last week! We got 4 inches here, and the kids and I played from 8-11:30 when it started snowing. It was so fun to take a morning off with them and just play.

10. Happy Tuesday, friends! Have a wonderful week.

Spokane Baby Photographers | Holly Clouse Photography

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