Spokane Baby Photographer | 10-On-Tuesday

1. How was your Easter?! Our was wonderful, a happy day with my family. (minus my dad, who had to work. 🙁 ) We got our annual family picture together when I handed my mom my camera (more like monthly family picture, if you ask Nathan 🙂 ), which I love, and the kids ran around the yard for eggs after church, and then proceeded to sit and eat all their candy, happy as can be. Beautiful day!

2. My house looks like…like 10 3 and 4 year-old’s ripped through it in an hour. 🙂 Telling you it’s a disaster isn’t good enough, so here’s a picture of a room…


…which we can hardly walk in, & is extremely painful for my very clean & organized personality. (I just typed “lean” personality. ha!)

4. But, as hard as it is to walk around this tiny house, I’m giddy knowing we’re only about 2 weeks away from moving. We *still* don’t have a set-in-stone closing date (our awesome realtor continues to work on that!) but we do know for sure the last day we will get keys is April 30th, and that the title is officially clear, hooray! So I pack in between working & make what feels like small dents, but it really is moving along well.

5. My canvas from my new vendor came last night, and I am in.love. The color is superb, and it’s very high quality, and more durable and finished than some I’ve seen. (and I’ve seen alot!) Here’s a few quick detail shots:


7. And, Emma, of course, wanted to be part of the show, so she asked if she could hold it. Hilarious! And, what a 16×20 looks like next to an almost three-year-old. 🙂 I promise to do a size guide once we are settled into our new home!


9. I’m on the look out for some maternity models this spring/summer. If you know an expecting mommy, please send her my way & I’ll make sure to send a $50 referral fee to you!

10. Have a very, very happy week!

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