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I, along with Landon (who is almost 5!) was asked to review a learn-to-read website, Reading Eggs. Before I get started on our review, my main comment is that I love this website. I think it’s friendly for little kids by using bright colors, quality animations, and fun sounds, which helps to keep them interested and get them learning! Something else to mention with this website is the need to stay by your child while they are using it. I found that I needed to explain some sections to Landon, and did not feel this was a website I could just leave him with due to him getting hung up at times, and  needing help, which encourages talking and learning even more!

Reading Eggs says it has 4 “sections” to its website, each geared towards the following ages groups: 3-4 years old, 5 year olds, 6-7 years, and 7-13 years old. When we began, I found two sides, one where children learn to read (with 120 learn to read lessons, and 96 spelling lessons) and Reading Eggspress for ages 7+ who are already reading. The Reading Eggspress side has 200 comprehension lessons and more than 600 ebooks available for young readers, which I found pretty awesome!

Landon stayed on the Learn to Read site since he is still little, and a beginning reader. Upon entering, there are “maps” with 10 lessons per map, where children can advance or return to a place on the map depending on their skill level. Since Landon is competitive and loves to “win!”, advancing was a pretty big deal to him, and kept him excited.

After Landon picks his spot on the map, he has 9 sections to complete before he moves on. Each lesson or section gives him “tokens” as he calls it (golden eggs) for completing a task. The section typically pick one letter and one sound for his age group, and then builds on it. First  he learns to identify the letter, then moves on to identifying the correct sound with the correct letters, and continues towards tracing letters by number, finding the correct letters in puzzles,-like so:

and a Landon’s favorite, a game where he identifies the word, so he can move forward-like this!

After completing all 9 sections, Landon can move forward on his “map”, or he may choose to return to a lesson he particularly enjoyed, or one I feel he needed more work on.

Besides lessons, there are various other bonuses for kids, like an Arcade area, awards, and their “own” house. These different areas open after kids have completed certain amount of lessons, like 6, 10 and 40 lessons.

I highly recommend Reading Eggs! We love this website, and Landon loves learning his letters, his sounds, and to read with it. Click on the above links to receive a free trial for you and your child!

Disclaimer: I was given a 5 week trial to Reading Eggs at no cost to me in exchange for a honest review. I did not receive any other monetary compensation, and all opinions stated are my own! (and Landon’s… 😉 )

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