Newborn Photography in Spokane by Holly Clouse Photography | 10 On Tuesday

1. Hey Tuesday! Better late than never, right?! I feel so stressed right now, but am working on patience, and trust, that we will have keys this weekend (or beginning of next, sigh.) and that before I know it, we will finally be all moved in to our new home.

2. It’s been quite the haul. Nathan & I have been asked many times lately when looking back, if the last 6 months of “attempting to purchase a new home” went quickly. It didn’t. 🙂 It was the craziest, wildest experience I’ve ever been through, and, if you don’t count the amazing team we had, like our Realtor, loan officer and others, I would never ever want to do it again. It was that stressful.

3. But we DID have the most amazing team. I can’t say enough how much incredible customer service stands out to clients. I will write our whole story someday, when we’re finally settled in, but for now, if you want the best Realtor around, call Mike at John L. Scott. Tell him we sent you. 🙂

4. I’ve got a great company idea someone should start-someone who calls and switches all your utilities and billing addresses for you! I’m pretty sure that’s not even legally possible since it usually has to be the account holder, but talk about removing some stress, ha! Thank heavens for all the companies that allow you to do it in 5 minutes online. Nice work, Avista and Comcast!

5. I am still responding to emails this week, just a little longer than my normal response time. Starting about Friday through the following Monday, I will most likely not be responding at all, as we will be painting and cleaning, and Saturday the 5th, moving. Monday the 7th I’ll be back to my responding off and on, with May 13th back to full time! Please keep that in mind when contacting me, I will respond, just not immediately. 🙂

6. I found something way fun this week, called “Book This Project”. From their website: “BOOK THIS PROJECT provides custom design and printing services for personal photo books.  We offer a streamlined approach to document your life through photographs.” I think it’s a terrific idea-sometimes we don’t have time to do this ourselves. I love how the books look, and I’ve chatted online with Stacey, she’s the best! 🙂 Go check out her Facebook page too, and let me know if you try them!

7. Has anyone bought a new washer & dryer lately? Have recommendations for us?! We ordered our new fridge last week, and I need to find a w&d now before we move in. If you have front loaders, do you love them? Do they really save that much money in water costs?

8. I had fully intended on showing you all a sweet picture of Emma in a new dress I found her, but I failed completely. Packing is taking over my life. 🙂 Imagine it’s right here. 😉

9. Oh, & the place where I found that new dress is the greatest little boutique ever to open here in Spokane, Lollipop Lemondrop! If you didn’t see my post on Sunday, I went there to check it out, and fell in love! Stacey is so sweet, and her store is amazing. I love it! Please be sure to check it out, she has so much darling stuff, not to mention Matilda Jane dresses for the girls! I die.

10. Have a  happy week, friends! And if you don’t hear from me next week, I’m buried in paint. Lots and lots of paint. 🙂


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