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A break from things that happened last month for something that happened last week! We had a family reunion with Nathan’s mom’s grandma’s side (ha!) and it was so fun to get to see everyone again. Sometimes we go 2-5 years without having one, and it is soooo neat to see how all the kids have grown, and the “kids” from last time that are married with families of their own now. We really enjoyed it and the kids enjoyed the park because they had a great playground and swimming pool there!


Sometimes, playgrounds  with big kids just get to be a bit much for Emmalia. All the kids are running around, and she just stands their with a look of something akin to horror on her face. Then she quietly walks away, this time to a swingset away from the playground, and there she stays, happily playing by herself. 🙂


Until she finds an uncle to swing her. 😉

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