10 On Tuesday

1. Happy Tuesday! I am back to work here, hooray for feeling settled in, the “vacation” is over. 😉 I started my time back to work with a morning session with Ella today-what a doll! Many, many more to come soon.

2. Such a cutie!

3. Nathan studies with each of our brother’s and two friends a night a week here at our home, so the kids & I play together for an hour or so. This past weekend, as they were studying, I was emailing clients on my laptop & Landon got out his play laptop. He kept coming up to me, announcing that he had just completed another email, and was working hard. The boy knows the drill. 😉

4. We celebrated Emma’s 3rd birthday on Saturday (ahhhhh) with a Tangled birthday party coming up this weekend. How is she 3?!

5. On that note, purple streamers are very, very hard to find in Spokane. Who would’ve guessed?

6. We are going camping next weekend for Memorial Day (I’ll be out of office Thursday-Monday) and I can’t wait to spend the weekend outside in the wonderful sunshine and at the lake! Anyone else have any fun plans?

7. We looove our house, and we looove our new neighbor’s. We have alot of retiree’s around us, and they’re pretty excited to have kids running around, and little one’s to play with when they’re grandkids come to visit. We are so blessed we got such a great group to be around. I love it when neighbor’s become friends. 🙂

8. We’ve also gotten a gazillion things done on our new home. In two weeks I think we’ve upped the value about 25k. It’s amazing what some paint and loving tender care can do to a home.

9. And pinterest. It does amazing things too. 😉

10. Have a happy week! Stay tuned for a maternity special and more pictures of the darling Ella this week!


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