10 On Tuesday | Spokane, WA Portrait Photographer

1. Hey, Happy Tuesday! How’s your week going so far? Ours is wonderful, because we are another day closer to seeing daddy (Nathan)! He gets to come home every weekend now, and it is such a huge blessing. Love it!

2. Landon starts playing on a basketball team the beginning of January, and we’re pretty excited for out little basketball player. He’s playing with Upwards Spokane, and I’m grateful for such a fun opportunity  we’ve heard so many good things about this program. Check it out HERE for details!

3. I’m so excited to work on getting some Christmas pictures of my own kids this week! Clothing choices is always such an issue for me, the debate of what to have everyone wear that matches, but is fun. I know alot of my clients can relate, as we have talked about that before. I think this year we are going to go with colors that match our living room (something I have recommended to alot of you, that you fully embrace!), so I am happy to have a starting point.

4. My main problem is just wanting to use it as an excuse to buy a bunch of cute shoes for myself. 😉 Like THESE!!

5. My best friend has the week off, so we get to have a girl’s day on Thursday. Any ideas for fun things we can do together? We gotta come up with something good.

6. Will you share your Pinterest with me? Or, follow me HERE, and I’ll follow back! The more the merrier, love me some Pinterest. 🙂

7. Have my lovely expecting momma’s seen the gorgeous maternity belts that are selling on etsy? LOVE this one, this one, and this one.  Someone buy one for your session! 🙂

8. I am slowly working through our family snapshots in between sessions, and I just am amazed, every day, by how fast time flies, and how quickly these little ones grow. I love how this picture shows her fuzzy little hair, her proving how much she loves to read, and her favorite pj’s she’s almost grown out of, but insists on wearing anyway. Make sure you get your camera and video camera out alot, to capture all these sweet times. It really does go by entirely too quickly. And give those sweet kids a extra hug tonight as well. 🙂

9. picture of toddler reading books


10. Enjoy your sunny week!

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