10 On Tuesday | Spokane Portrait Photographer

1. Lots and lots of thoughts and prayers going out to the deputies shot in Spokane tonight. Hate, hate, hate to hear that. 🙁

2. My garden’s growing! We have tomatoes, jalepeno’s that we bought as 4in plants. We planted cucumbers, peas, carrots, 4 kinds of lettuce and sunflowers. It’s all coming up, woot! The kids, however, are not quite grasping how long it takes to grow. They ask every morning if it’s time to start eating the carrots, ha!

3. Picture less posts are worthless, there’s some lettuce! 😉

4. Emma and I have a GREAT love for flowers, so she and I are planting some this week. We already have peonies and petunia’s and things like that around the yard, but we want an actual “flower garden.” We have sunflowers in the back, and plan on planting consecutively shorter flowers in our next 4 rows. Any ideas for flowers we should plant?

5. I have Emma’s quilt all cut out, and am working away on it! Landon’s little ‘Captain America Cape’ turned out awesome, and he wears it EVERYWHERE!

6. He also keeps asking me if we can do a photo shoot and put it on the blog for you all to see. Momma’s boy! 😉

7. And speaking of photo shoots, two gorgeous seniors will be on the blog this weekend, I have a session with them Thursday evening, love my seniors!

8. Nathan is helping a friend’s dad out with flooring, but we’re currently prepping to texture Emma’s room, and begin work on the bonus room. I have completely painted the upstairs now, but for the kitchen, and am well on my way to painting the entire downstairs, ay yi yi!

9. And with that, we did create a new blog, which is in the process of being linked and some updates posted. I will still keep 10 on Tuesday and some images of the kids active here, but much more over there. I’ll make sure to link up when I get it going!

10. Have a happy week friends, and enjoy the coming sunshine and first day of summer!!!

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