10 On Tuesday | Spokane Portrait Photographer | Holly Clouse

1. Happy Tuesday! I looked at Nathan about a half hour ago as we were scrubbing the floors in the kitchen and said, “It’s Monday, right?” Excuse the lateness. 😉

2. We are re-doing our floors this week (what a job!) and we were at it all day today. Now that I feel a bit more able to talk, as we have completed a ridiculous amount of home diy projects, I can honestly say flooring, or redoing flooring rather, is one of the very last things I like to do. The stripping, the pulling up staples, or scrapping old linoleum, the prep, all of it just makes me say boo. You end up sore and dirty, but seeing that finished job is amazing! Flooring might be the most painful, but it’s also the most rewarding.

3. This is the entryway after a few hours work today. After we get the kitchen floors laid tomorrow we grout it, hooray! (Also, Nathan wants me to point out that the tile is more gray/blue than that, and this cell phone picture makes it look ugly. Thanks. 😉 )

4. Have any huge diy projects going in your home?

5. On the business side of things, I have two sessions left open in July and two in August. Contact me to book soon!

6. I am also having a newborn/maternity special going on now, that I have had alot of requests about. Contact me for details, or watch my Facebook page!

7. Finally, I will be on a mini-vacation Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this next week. Enjoy your 4th of July!

8. AND, Landon turns 5 in a week-and-a-half. Eeek! I’m  not even sure how I feel about that, so we’ll move on. 😉

9. He does make my heart melt though, as I watch him turn into the best big brother there is. Today he asked Emma to help him clean the play room, and true to her ornery 3-year-old self she said, “No.” And he in turn, very sternly, said, “Emmalia May, I’d like you to help! Now!” Haha!

10. Have a lovely week friends! I hope it’s filled with sunshine for the rest of the week, and happy summertime!

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