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1. Happy Tuesday, and Happy “Everything-is-going-crazy-with-the-NFL” today. Even friends and family that NEVER watch football, texted me about it. Nice work, Roger Goodell. The world knows your name. And your phone number, apparently!

2. Some of you awesome readers have problems seeing my links, so I changed up the color for you! Let me know if it helps. Or is worse. 😉

3. Have you see the new Myspace? I never, ever would’ve guessed or bet that they could come back, but they might just pull it off. That’s pretty sweet. (You can see a preview in the bottom right hand corner of that Myspace invite link.)

4.  Remember my 10-On-Tuesday post about what to do with that huge front window by our front door? Well, a week or two ago our neighbor’s house was broken into, and it freaked me out enough to finally do something. I hate how people  can not only see in our front door, but also in the whole window next to it when they knock on the door, but I also love the light that big window lets in, part of the reason we love this house. So I threw up some light filtering blinds today, enough to keep that light coming through, but not so see-through anyone can see me. Landon was my helper, who did an awesome  job of holding things as I took that big outer window off.

5. And because that whole run on sentence is just worthless without a picture, here’s a cell phone shot:

6. Nathan’s is a power lineman, for those who do not know, and right now he is working on huge steel towers, the ones you see in a field typically, or going over a hillside or mountain. He climbs sometimes 300 feet in the air, straight up,  and it’s a dangerous job. Thursday, a lineman from Spokane, lost his life when he fell from one of the towers on another job. He was 35 and leaves behind a wife of just over a year, a stepdaughter, and a baby boy on the way. Please pray for the K family. My heart breaks when I think of the grief they are going through and their extremely sudden loss.

7. Next week I will be posting a newborn special, for babies due in November, December or January. Be on the lookout, and tell those you know who are expecting!

8. Along with that, all sessions are booked for the year, with the exceptions of newborns, and one session opening in November. Thank you!

9. Apples are ready at Greenbluff! We always go to Yaryans, and their Honeycrisp apples are just coming on, perfect for eating and pies. Love me some autumn time!

10. I’m about to start 6 sessions off, beginning Monday, so watch for sneak peeks! Have a fabulous week! (and I promise to try and blog more than once a week 😉 )

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