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1. How is it Tuesday already, or a week since my last blog post? Life is getting away from me. I can’t believe how busy I’ve been lately, I kinda just want to collapse on the couch for a day, but my calendar is too full.  I keep staying up later and getting up earlier, until last night I got 5 hours sleep. Someone send more time!

2. And on that note, if you are interested in August, September or October sessions, time to let me know! I plan on taking off December this year, and all holiday orders must be in by the second week of November this year to be in on time. More details to come, but keep those dates in mind as a rough estimate!
3. Do you hate me that I got you start thinking ‘Christmas’ already?! Landon asks every day how many days until Christmas, we’ve got our count down started in July, ha!

4. He also asks where we will put the Christmas tree in this house. I keep telling him we will find a spot, but he hasn’t seemed convinced. Then he told me we could put it in his room, just to make sure we have one. 😉

5. I forgot how 3-year-old’s…uh, deal with life. It never has been ‘terrible two’s’ with these cuties, it’s ‘terrible three’s’, and Emma seems to have hit it even worse with Nathan be gone.

6. SO, has anyone read Parenting with Love and Logic? Love it, hate it? I’ve heard some good reviews, and would be interested to hear more, good or bad! She is so different than Landon, and what worked for him does not work for her.

7. I was looking at my personal camera cards the other day, and I have pictures from Christmas I still haven’t worked through! It is a blessing and a curse to have this as my career. Sure, my kids have a ton of darling pictures, but are they actually filed away? Ha! 🙂

8. Our church is having VBS next week, if any clients are interested in bringing kiddos! We are doing Monday-Thursday, 9-11:30, and then a bbq on Thursday evening. I’ll be the photographer there, and a story teacher for a day or two. About 3 yrs old through 11, so bring them by! We are at 5601 East Peone Road, Mead, WA 990021.

9. We have this odd window by our door, that is the same size as our door. We’ve talked and contemplated about whether to leave it or replace it with french doors. I love french doors, but the way you enter into our house, I think it would be too odd. SO, because that darn window lets in so much heat, and I can pop the front off (double paned!) I want to put blinds in there, I just can’t decide what. I am thinking maybe wood blinds to match the outdoor shutters, because sadly, it’s a completely see through window, so whoever walks up to the front door will get a lovely view of the blinds! Here’s a quick cell phone shot to give you a better idea of it. I could throw some Roman Shades in there, but am limited because I can’t open that window every day to raise the blinds. It needs to be somewhat sheer, but heat blocking as well. I’m not sure there even is such a thing. 😉 I’d love to hear ideas, or someone who has dealt with a big window by the front door!

10. Have a happy, happy week, everyone!

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  • HallieJuly 17, 2012 - 9:51 pm

    I know I rarely comment, but I do faithfully read all of your blog posts! That natural light is a premium there in your entryway! I’d see about getting a quote for a new more energy efficient window, and then put up a sheer curtain or something for more privacy. We put in a new slider a few years ago, and I am absolutely amazed at how well it blocks heat and cold compared to the other windows in our house.ReplyCancel

    • HollyJuly 19, 2012 - 6:18 am

      Ah, thanks Hallie! We have very similar tastes, I think! 😉 I would absolutely love to get a new window, but think for now we are going to be throwing in some sheer shades. I wish that I could get some remote control ones, as I have to open the window any time I want to raise or lower them, but alas, the $400 price tag is too steep for me, ha!ReplyCancel