10-On-Tuesday – Spokane Portrait Photographer

1. Happy Tuesday! Happy Tax Day. 😉 And Happy two months to Elonna! How is she two months already? How is she only two months? 🙂

2. This face says it all. “MOM. WHY did you put me down?” I thought about taking another picture of her smiling, but that’s so rare, and this is *so* her at this stage, that I didn’t. 😉

3. Spokane Baby Photographers

4. And Ellie with one of her favorite people in the whole wide world…


5. World’s grumpiest baby folks, we’ve got her. Actually, she’s having some digestion issues (poor thing!) and we’ve been working on those with her pediatrician. Anyone have/had a baby with MSPI? I’d love to pick your brain if so!

6. My website auto-updated itself today (hmph!) and it says that the changes I had to accept (ha!) might cause appearance problems for a small percentage of users. If you have any issues with the site, please let me know!

7. These Spicy Chicken Enchilada’s (found the recipe on Pinterest!) are SO good. We loved them. Definitely worth a try!

8. Thank you to all the sweet mama’s that commented on, and emailed me about my mom post last week! (Find it HERE) I appreciate you all, and I’m so glad it tugged on some heartstrings. Can’t wait to photograph some of you in the next few weeks!

9. Need a super easy gift for your mom or grandma? Gift cards are wonderful, and every mama loves pictures of her family! Contact me to purchase!Spokane Photographer's Gift Cards10. And with that super quick list, I’m off to put some cuties to bed. Enjoy your week!

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