10 On Tuesday – Spokane Photographer

1. Happy Tuesday! It is indeed a happy day for me, because this morning I *finally* completed my meeting with our CPA and handed everything over. Woop woop! So grateful to be done with that and moving on to everything else. It’s alot of work to get it all together and ready. At least for this girl. 🙂

2. I know I talked about it last week, but it really threw me when I had to create a new folder entitled “March” for my family photographs. Um, what?! Where is 2013 going? Flying by, is where it’s going.

3. Do you have a “Spring” drink, while you’re working? 🙂 Lemon water for me, spring through early fall. Or lime water, I’ll take either! I love it. And drink copious amounts of coffee other wise. 😉

4. Some of my best friends’ mom gave me a pretty pot (Thanks, Virginia!) so I created some pretty springtime inside. And this post is worthless without a picture (Yes, I know some of you come just for the pictures! 😉 )

5. Spokane springtime


6.  Thursday morning I have a spring/6-month session with 5 girls! Ages 6,5,4, almost 2 and 6 months. Woot! I can’t wait, I know we’re going to have some darling images.

7.  And big spring projects in your home? Next up for us is our kitchen counter tops, back splash and installing a new sliding glass door. I think the sliding glass door will be first, but my goodness, those are rather large projects sine we do them ourselves. I also rearranged my office so that I have two desks, and alot more room, and created a “schoolroom” for the kids downstairs. Love getting it all organized!

8. Ready for some March Madness? Any other huge basketball fans out there? Pretty proud of our guy AND girl Zags for winning the WCC. They rock! I’m excited for Selection Sunday too, love it!

9. I hope you’ve been enjoying the monthly blog quote hop that I do here on the 15th of each month with professional photographer friends all over the nation! This coming Friday is the next one, I’m excited to share.

10. Have a wonderful week!

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