10 On Tuesday | Spokane Photographer

1. Happy Tuesday! And Happy First Day of School for those who are going back! The kids & I started today, which I thought was fairly normal, but I heard some of you up north started last Wednesday!

2. Having a preschooler and a kindergartner is fun! I do admit that I didn’t anticipate the wildness at teaching them both at the same time though, ha! And we are only on day one. I know we’ll get into the swing of things, and it will be here before I know it. I took a classic “first day of school” picture, I’ll have to post it later this week, along with the little man’s school portrait’s/5 year old portraits.

3.  Having the career of a professional photographer means that I am *always* behind on my own images. Heavens.

4. Emma was hilarious this morning, coloring in a book, trying to find which animal’s picture was a different size then the other animals. She was supposed to color the “baby” when she found it, and was doing a great job. She was on about her 4th or 5th and suddenly put her crayon down and sighed, “Oh my, I am tired!” I said, “Do you need a break?” and she did a huge SIGH, and picked her crayon back up saying, “No, it’s ok, I can do it.” Haha! Drama queen for the win.

5. My friend, Amy, went up to Greenbluff yesterday and brought me back 20lbs of peaches, per my request. It doesn’t sound like that many to me (I mean, really? Nathan’s grandma routinely cans 200lbs!) but when you look at the box, it’s alot. So, what would you do with them? I don’t want to can them, since we get many yummy jars of peaches throughout the year (which I love!) but I would like to do something with them. I might freeze some?

6. I love having our garden, and harvesting from it. I ate a salad the other night, completely made from our garden, and it made me happy. 🙂

7. I’m back on a sewing kick! I completed the pillows for our bed the other night, and finished up a birthday present. Next are pillows for Landon’s new redo, and the finishing touches on Emma’s quilt! I have to hurry, in about 2 weeks I won’t want to sew anymore for another few weeks. 😉

8. On the radio today, they announced that Papa Murphy’s is doing $5 large pepperoni pizza’s tomorrow. I just decided what you’re having for dinner tomorrow, huh? 🙂

9. I’m a bit sad I forwent the ‘Frame a Day’ this year, like I did last year. You may remember that I started out this year with a ‘Frame a Week’, but when I switched blog servers it was eaten. I’m still working on taking at least a cell phone snapshot a week though, and while I doubt I will ever get them posted on a blog, I do have them all on a file on the computer, waiting to be put in a book for when we hit 2013. My kids will love me for this someday, right? Right?

10. Have a happy week! I hope it’s un-stressful, and you get to relax and enjoy your routine. 🙂

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