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1. Today’s 10 On Tuesday post is the perfect time to wish Nathan (my husband!) a very Happy Birthday! Nathan is working in Portland right now, and works 80 hours, 6 days a week. Nathan, thank you for how hard you work for our family, and how much you strive to be a godly man for us all. We love you, and are grateful for you, and we do not take you for granted. I can’t wait to celebrate when you get back!

2. Last night I had the pleasure of shooting a session with my dear friend, Amy, and her husband Jeff. I love the fall colors right now, and we had such a pretty evening. Here’s a quick post for Amy to see a sneak peek-I can’t wait to show you guys all of them!


4. I also had wanted a picture of Amy & I together, so I grabbed the chance to have Jeff snap a quick one of us together. I love it. 🙂 I am so grateful for you, Amy!


6. While I was shooting their session Landon & Emmalia where playing at the playground with their Aunt Rachel. Landon said, “Emma, want to go down the slide with me? Emmmmma?” and Emma wouldn’t answer. So Rachel says, “Emma, would you like to go down the slide with Landon?” and Emma said, “I’m busy.” And Landon says, “No Emma, you’re not busy. You’re not mommy!” Haha!

7. Landon & Emmalia carved their pumpkins, and chose a silly face and a kitty cat, respectively. 😉  Mommy carved their pumpkins to their dismay… They carved their pumpkins with much glee, and are very proud to show them off to any and all willing neighbors that walk by our house!

8. I baked a sweet pumpkin last week, and it turned out so well for pumpkin puree. I’m excited to find some different recipes for pumpkin and squash now, things we don’t normally do. You can put it in smoothies, and it’s super healthy for you!

9. Today we’re off to celebrate little Ashley’s 5th birthday. (you just saw her and her family on the blog HERE.) I remember holding her as a newborn, and I can’t believe how fast kids grow. And I might be secretly glad that I can still say my little guy is 4. 😉 I love how some of my favorite people share a special day!

10. Have a wonderful week!

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