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1. Welcome September! I can’t believe we’re back to fall again, and school starting, and all that good stuff. This is my absolute *favorite* time of year. I have about a million reasons why, and I try to soak up every moment of fall time, because it goes by so fast. I love every season, but fall and pumpkin spice lattes, and apple pies, and Thanksgiving makes me a happy, happy girl. 🙂

2. On that note, if you want a session for fall, please contact me immediately. Like, yesterday. 😉 Same goes for if you’ve contacted me, but haven’t settled on a date yet.  Nathan and I have decided that it works for me to book session through October, so have at it! I already only have 2 (possibly 1) session dates left in October, so fall is going quick and weekend’s are the first to go. Please contact me soon if you are interested in seeing a full pricing list and booking a session!

3. Along with that, I’m pretty sure we’ve also decided that December I will not be booking any sessions. I’m excited about having an entire month off, and soaking up Christmas time. How is it that we are this close to Christmas?

4. Did everyone have a great Labor Day weekend? We visited with family and enjoyed having Nathan home for a few days. While he was home, I begged for a picture before church on Sunday morning, and he obliged. Also, I think he’s really learning the ropes of photography! I better watch out. 😉



6. Because we were at a 90% chance of moving soon, I hadn’t cared lately that the kids’ tiny room wasn’t that organized, or that we had a few things around here half packed. (the garage is fully packed) Now, Nathan is traveling, and the kids and I are staying at least through winter…and I am sooo ready to get this house organized! 🙂 Yesterday I spent a bunch of time going through the kids’ toys (children amass more things then adults do, in a much shorter period of time 😉 ) and trying to come up with new and creative ideas to keep their things wrangled in our little house. Any ideas? I’ve found some cool ideas about mounting different things for bookshelves on walls and etc., we shall see how it goes!

7. You’ll know it’s gone well if I mention it again, but that it’s failed miserably if you never hear another peep about it. 😉

8. This Cinnamon Swirl Bread was goooood. You do have to be careful about the cooking time though, mine was maybe a tad under done? Or maybe I just like things a bit more done…

9. And this cookie recipe is what we are making today to send to Nathan’s dad in Afghanistan for his birthday (secret’s out, dad! 🙂 ). I hope they turn out great!

10. Have a great week everyone! I’m excited for the weekend because I have a date with some of my favorite clients, and an almost 1 year old. ( already! ) 🙂

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