10 On Tuesday | Spokane Photographer

1. I am so patiently (NOT) waiting for Nathan’s last phase of the interview process on the 20th. I am SO antsy to know what is going to happen, and SO hopeful that this is the job for our family. He has a interview with a different company September 7th in Houston, TX, and still another on September 13th in Phoenix, AZ. We need any job he can possibly get, but if we could live a bit closer, it would be so wonderful!

2. I may or may not be already browsing home’s online… 😉

3. My dear friend Rachel and my mom are probably getting a bit annoyed with the worries, so thanks to both of you for keeping me sane. I love you! 🙂

4. We did find out a definite date if he gets this job (and obviously we’ll still be around if he doesn’t) so I’ll be contacting those of you on my waiting list for the end of August, beginning of September.

5. We have been doing lots to keep mommy busy before she drives the whole family insane to keep ourselves busy, and one of those things is getting Landon’s schedule and books ready to start him in Pre-K in a few weeks! I am homeschooling him this year, taking each year as it comes, and he did very well on Preschool this last year. I am excited to see how he does!

6. I just started a group on FB of some that are homschooling their little ones or just starting, hopefully so we can share some ideas, encouragement etc. If you want in, send me a note or add me on FB!

7. Also, how is my baby old enough to be starting Pre-K?!

8. Landon and Emma delight me with how much they love each other. Their adoration is so cute. I think part of it is how close in age they are, and the main part that it’s just a sibling bond that can’t be broken. Last week while I watched, Landon went and sat down next to Emmalia, talking to her about swimming. My mommy heart loves it! 🙂 


9. Also, smoothies. We love smoothies!! 😉

10. Happy Tuesday!

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