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1. We’re back to Tuesday again! We had a long, fun weekend celebrating the 4th by camping with family and friends. We ate, we stayed up late, and we had fun. Relaxing at it’s best! Take me camping any weekend and I’m a happy girl. 🙂

2. More importantly, the kids love camping. It’s so fun to watch them play happily outside for 6 days, getting to watch the parade and fireworks, and experience so many fun things.

3. I have ridiculous amounts of pictures to show, including the wedding I assisted with last week, the rest of our vacation pictures (and camping pictures! 😉 ) AND the birthday pictures of Emma I promised, but for now, Nathan with the boys. 🙂

4. Landon turns 4 on Friday, and I’m almost surprised he’s not turning 10. He’s such a big boy now, with so many plans and ideas. He’s a blessing to me.

5. Speaking of which, I will also  soon have pictures of a Lightning McQueen birthday. 🙂

6. I’m excited to try a cake idea I’ve had in my mind for his birthday. I love cake decorating, but it’s certainly something I’m not the best out. If you see me at a bakery this weekend, looking slightly frazzled, it’s because it didn’t work. 😉

7. If you are client of mine, and would be so willing to write a short review on your experience(s) with Holly Clouse Photography, for me to put up on my website, I would be so appreciative! Please use the contact form you see over there on the left, and I’ll be forever grateful…and I’ll send a little happiness your way for your time. 🙂

8. Also, I’ve added a new feature on my website, a featured session up at the top of the page on my main site. (www.hollyclousephotography.com) I love that future clients can see more than a sneak peek, and plan on rotation sessions frequently. 🙂

9. I found THIS lovely shop on etsy the other night, and thought I would add a link, because I love their items! So fun and whimsical.

10. Have a happy week everyone! (enjoy the sunshine!)


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