10-On-Tuesday | Spokane Photographer

1. As of about 6am this morning, Nathan and I are off to Snohomish, WA for part of a job test for him. I’m SO excited about this one, and trying not to be excited at the same time. We covet prayers and happy thoughts, this one’s a big deal for us.

2. We’re doing it all in one day (today)…driving there and back and the test portion. I’m driving with him so he can get more study in on the way there, and keep him awake on the way back. 😉

3. Any business calls/orders/emails will be responded to tomorrow. Thanks!

4.  On that note, I’m done booking sessions for June! I’m tentatively opening up July, please contact me ASAP if you are interested in pricing and session dates!

5. Next week at this time we’ll be driving as well…Nathan has an interview with a different company in Vancouver, and the kids and I are going with him to spend a few nights with our dear friends in Portland. We’re also trying to get a hotel in Seaside, OR again, to have some family time for a few days after. Can’t wait!

6. The week AFTER next we’re going camping for the 4th. (how is it that close?!?!) My friend muttered something to me about us being hobo’s. I agree. At least for June. 😉

7.  Emmalia got her first haircut last week, and though I keep promising myself that there will be a blog post up soon, it’s not yet. So for now you get this…  (the hairstylist and I were trying to figure out that style. Thus the dumb face. I really don’t look like that all the time. Maybe. 😉 )

8. Landon’s trying to get her to look down at a toy. Cracks me up.

9. Is anyone doing anything fun for Father’s Day? We’re just spending the weekend with family and friends, and grateful Nathan’s here to celebrate it with us. 🙂

10. Have a happy week everyone!

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