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1.We got a surprise this last week when Nathan got the chance to come home for a few days. Bad weather meant 2 days off, but it happened over a weekend, so he got in quite late Thursday night, and let about 5am yesterday morning. I am so grateful it worked out for the kids to get to see him.

2. It also worked out that he came home the weekend I had started painting the house! I didn’t  intend for it to be that way, and didn’t want him to have to come home to that, but with him, Michael, Austin & Dave over,  the house got completely painted but for some trim I finished yesterday. Thanks guys!

3.  I will be on vacation this coming Thursday-Monday, May 26th-30th. I won’t be answering my email, or phone calls, all will be returned on Tuesday the 31st!

4. Nathan’s cell phone is dying a slow, long death, and my phone is eligible for an upgrade, so today I should be getting my new phone via the FedEx guy. I will admit that I just don’t really care…I keep getting asked if I am excited about it etc. and I’m all, “Oh yeah, a new phone…” What I am more excited about is that I found a grip for it (I *always* buy grips for my phone’s) on ebay for $4 and a car charger on amazon.com for $8. Yes.

5. Has anyone read Water For Elephants? I’m about 1/4 way in and am enjoying it so far…I wanted to go see the movie, but that was a no go with Nathan. Something about chick flicks…

6. We went and saw Thor instead. 😉

7. I have now been stood up by 3 roofers, 1 was the same guy twice. I’m not entirely sure if they’re just really bad at keeping appointments, or if it’s something to do with me. 😉

8. If anyone wants to get rid of/sell a double bike trailer/stroller, please let me know! I’ve looked at garage sales/craigslist, but just haven’t found one yet. It has to be double, and I’d *love* it if turned into a jogging stroller as well, but that’s not an absolute must if I find a good deal. 😉 I’m thinking I can find one alot cheaper used, and I know that used isn’t actually very used typically.

9. My bestie knows knows me so well. She brought me a boquet of flowers yesterday, after Nathan left, and they were perfect. Thanks Rach, for everything. You’re the best.

10. Have a wonderful week, and a happy, sunny, holiday weekend!!

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