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1. Happy Tuesday! Hooray for some sunshine; it  finally makes me feel we are going to be having summer soon. I have a session this weekend, and more next weekend, so here is hoping that the sunshine sticks around for awhile, and so far it looks that way.

2. Sessions are completely booked for June, unless you are interested in a mini-session the last week of June. Please contact me quickly for July/August/September bookings.

3. The work continues on the house! (and I bet you all are getting sick of hearing about it… 😉 ) We finished the hallway, a HUGE, but very inexpensive job. It took alot of time, (mudding, sanding texturing) and three coats of paint, but the walls are looking nice again and looking like a normal home’s walls vs. 60’s style fabric wall paper. Here’s a super quick cellphone quality before/during for you: (the before makes me shudder 😉 )


5.And, so begins our next huge project, Emma’s room! The kids are in the same room right now, but the intent has always been to give them their own spaces. Emma’s room has some crazy wallpaper going on (after we tore fabric off the walls that the previous owners had glued to the wall 🙁 ), along with a broken window we replaced already. Next comes more mudding, texturing, paint, and then decorating and moving her bed in.

6. Along with that, we’re thinking about starting a second blog, to chronicle more home stuff/kid stuff so I’m not inundating you all with it. Thoughts?

7. If you remember my post from last week, Touscana Soup, an Olive Garden copycat was a hit! SO good. I used ground sausage instead of links. I also added some salt/pepper and crushed red pepper flakes. (we love spice!) Finally I added 1 TBL cornstarch to the heavy cream to make it a little thicker, and I mashed the potato’s a bit. YUM.

8. Does anyone have fabulous, last minute Father’s Day ideas? I have one up my sleeve that I am working on today. Hopefully it turns out exactly as I imagine!

9. And, finally, I’m also working on an adorable, and super easy Superhero cape for Landon. Hopefully that turns out exactly as I imagine too! These things rarely do. 😉

10. Have a wonderful week, friends!



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