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1. I wrote a 10-On-Tuesday post late, late Monday night. I started out by saying that we had colds, which we did. And then I went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night with the highest fever I’ve ever had, and a yucky flu. I stayed in bed all day yesterday, and today, I am back to feeling like I just have an awful cold with an backache. I tried announcing to the world that I’m to busy to be sick, but it never seems to hear me.  😉

2. For the record, but mainly just so I can whine some more, I was fine Monday, until about 5. Between 5 and 9 I got a sore throat, earache and migraine. Mulit-tasker’s unite!

3. And finally, my best friend saved the day as she always does, by driving over and taking my kids overnight. I’ve done the super sick with kids while Nathan is out of town, and it’s no fun. Rachel, you’re a blessing! I’m pretty sure they would’ve been climbing on the counter and eating candy all day otherwise. 😉

4. We all love Pinterest, right? Ever heard of Punchfork? I joined yesterday after hearing my best friend talk about it, and though I’m slowly getting the hang of it, I really like it! Who doesn’t love recipes that have been tested and rated already?! Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce, anyone?

5. If you read my blog, than you probably know of my slight ‘Hunger Games’ obsession, so when I came across this post for a Hunger games theme wedding, I fell in love. 🙂 While it’s certainly not something I would’ve done for my own wedding, I just love how it turned out for them to use the ideas from the book-and if you’ve read the books, you get the whole Katniss, and Peeta thing, not to mention the food and the bread, and just all the tiniest details. Props to the stylist!!

6. Speaking of weddings, I always refer every bride that inquires into photography services with me to Spokane Bride Blog, which my friend Dana founded and created into a fantastic resource guide for area brides! If you’re getting married, or know someone who is, it’s too good to miss!

7. I added a blog button to the side bar over on the right. Add it to your blog, let me know you’ve done it and save off your next session fee!

8.  Does anyone have any good tv shows they love and recommend? I’ve heard Downton Abbey is good, but I’m just not sure if that is my type of show or not. Ok, I’ve never found a tv show that I love & can really get in to. 😛 Someone save me! Has anyone watched Awake?

9. Finally, let March Madness begin! Nathan and I’s favorite sports time of the year. We sit and watch games all.weekend.long. We compare brackets, we yell (at the tv, not each other 😉 ), and we lounge around. Hooray for college hoops, and GO ZAGS!

10. …even though I only think they’ll win their first game. No, not a pessimist, I prefer to think of myself as a realist! 😉 Have a happy week!

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