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1. Happy Wednesday, friends! We got back into town late Monday afternoon, and yesterday I ran around working on loads of laundry, running errands, and responding to email’s and phone calls. I decided a blog post could wait till today. 🙂

2. We had a fun weekend, though I am always so exhausted from camping. The prepping for it, the hauling it all up there, and then the sorting and cleaning when we get home is alot of work. I keep telling Nathan that one of these days I will get everything ready and just send him and the kids up. 🙂

3.  The cousins, as always, had fun together. I had taken a picture of Nathan’s brother, my brother and their best friend as the kids watched. The two older boys immediately ran over when they were done, asking for a picture of them-and then the “babies” (as the older boys call them 😉 ) ran over too. They are quite the group of kiddos!


5. We’re putting in our garden this week! I am SO very excited to have a vegetable garden, something I have been wanting ever since I moved out of my parents home. We already have raspberries, and are planning rhubarb, tomatoes, cucumbers, jalepeno’s, lettuce (4 kinds!), carrots & peas. I am going to have a flower garden spot as well, hooray!

6. Along with that we’re thinking about composting, and I found a fab free Kindle book on Amazon, HERE. Enjoy!

7. The other project we are starting is the downstairs bathroom. We’re going with a ‘one-room-at-a-time’ approach, and trying to finish it before moving on. So far so good! We have the living room, master bedroom and both office’s to where we want them. The downstairs bathroom is painted navy blue on the bottom half with white/blue on top (I say both because it’s just randomly painted either color in spots on top!) and had a fish border. That came off very quickly. 🙂 I am excited to start painting this week, get curtains and decorations up, and have it look like an actual bathroom, not a dump. HA!

8. Ok, so now the whole house looks like an actual house, not a dump. Ahem.

9. Landon will be homeschooling for Kindergarten next year, & I am working on curriculum choices and lesson plans already-researching it all and deciding what we want to do. If you are thinking about it as well, or you want a supplement for public school, you must check out The Homeschool Bookstore on Wall here in Spokane. I visited them with my friend Tami this morning, & was so impressed with the immense selection and help they provide.

10. Have a very happy week, friends! Camping pictures coming soon. 🙂

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