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1. Back to Tuesday! And June! The year is flying. My first wedding of the season is next month, and I’m so excited for all the gorgeous couples I’ll have the pleasure of photographing this year! I say “all” in a loose sense of the word, as I only have four, (stop laughing, wedding photographer’s! 😉 ) but that’s the perfect amount for this baby/family photographer and I can’t wait!

2. Does anyone have good chiropractor recommendations in the Spokane area? I would post this on my FB page, but I have so many readers on here, I know there’s someone with an amazing referral out there! You might remember almost a year ago, when I tried to lift too much (classic Holly!) and separated my shoulder. I’m not sure if that’s what’s causing the back pain, but it’s my best guess,so I’m off to find a chiropractor!

3. You’ve probably all seen childhood pictures redone (especially if you’re on Pinterest!) but here’s another set that are pretty funny. Though, I am with someone who commented…some pictures just shouldn’t be recreated. 😉 LINK

4. I have a new pricing guide coming out soon, to give clients a lovely peek at my images while also sharing investment information with them. My amazing clients Toni & Matt sent me a super sweet review, so here’s a sneak peek of one of the pages. Toni, THANK YOU!



6. I’m so addicted to amazing fruit juices lately. We have a juicer, but when I want something quick (and with minimal cleaning!) I’ve been trying all sorts of new ones. Last week it was a Naked juice I found at Costco that I loved (even though my friend told me he felt like he was chewing juice, haha) and this week it’s this Bolthouse Farm’s Orange + Carrot juice. I admit that I totally want to try this Daily Green’s one from Bolthouse Farm’s, but haven’t been able to find it yet. I think I might be nuts….or just like chewing my juice. 😉

7. If I have any readers who’s kids/grandkids etc. go to Journey Discovery Center, I am the hired photographer to shoot their PreK ceremony coming up soon! I’m so excited to be working with them, and photographing all those darling graduates.

8. Which leads me to this…Landon is entering first grade in the fall, and the first newborn’s I photographed are turning four this year! I die.

9. And, I’m out! Off to plant plants, finish galleries, and bask in that lovely sunshine.

10. Have a super wonderful week!

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