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1. Happy Tuesday! Is everyone here in Spokane as cold as I am? I am SO ready for spring, or maybe even 35 degree weather. I really shouldn’t be complaining though, a friend in Colorado has got -6 on her thermometer. BRR!

2. Landon has been doing basketball for awhile now, and he loves it. He loves his coach, and loves all the kids he gets to meet every week. He is so fun to watch, they give each child an armband color, and he is supposed to guard the child on the other team with the same color armband. He is so set on his job duty, that he forgets about the ball, or defending it, or anything, he just makes a new friend with the child with the same color armband. I love him, he is so sweet.

3. And because that’s worthless without pictures……..!!! (Landon’s #14 if you can’t tell!)




7. Per usual, I am utterly, and ferociously behind on family pictures. I just found Thanksgiving pictures, I’ll try to post those this week, it was the first we hosted in our new home. They’re only two months late… 🙂

8. Landon’s eye appointment I talked about last week was delayed because we were all so sick. I think finally, after two weeks, we’re almost done with this flu/cold bug. We had fevers, coughs, the works! So happy to be almost better, and so happy it happened, once again, in a somewhat quiet month, hooray! (Wait. Are any months quiet?)

9. Now that Emma’s finally on the mend as well, all her energy is back, and she’s bouncing off the walls again, and complete 180 from laying around for 5 days. One of my friends and I were commenting the other night that we wish we had the energy of a 3-year-old!

10. And with that, here’s to another cup of coffee! 🙂 Enjoy your week!

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  • AmandaJanuary 22, 2013 - 4:56 pm

    I am done with the cold weather too. Bring on spring! 🙂 Landon is so cute out there in his uniform! I can’t wait to do this kind of thing with Owen. Glad you are all feeling better! We gotta plan something with the kids soon. 🙂ReplyCancel