Ten on Tuesday | Spokane Photographer

1. Happy Tuesday! Tonight I have the pleasure of photographing preschool kiddos at their graduation ceremony, for a local, amazing preschool. I can’t wait to see all their cute smiling faces!

2. And it’s a week full of sessions. Thursday I get to photograph a lovely house going up on the market this weekend, and Saturday is another maternity session with gorgeous clients.

3. Speaking of graduations, Landon’s going into 1st grade, and I’m dying over here, folks. We’ve probably already chatted about this, but how, for the love of all that is good, can he be a first grader?! Wah.

4. And are all your kiddos out for the summer yet? I’ve seen alot of mommy’s on my FB showing off all the fun summer pictures of things they’re doing with their kiddos. Love it!

5. I have a fun post coming soon about new packaging for clients! I love it, and I think you’re going to too. And because of all my amazing blog readers that get in on the good stuff first, here’s a sneak peek!

6. USB’s!spokane photographer


7. Vacation Bible School at our church is July 15-18 this year! We’d love to have your kiddos join us! I always make sure to have mornings off that week, as to help out, and love meeting all those cute kiddos.

8. One of my best friend’s and I love baby names, like, LOVE them. Love hearing the different names, seeing how people pair names, all of it. We’re weird that way. 😉 Anyway, all that to say, we heard that Channing Tatum and his gorgeous wife named their cute Everly and love it! Nice work, if it means anything coming from us. 😉

9. Landon is so funny with stories. He’s almost six now, (like 2 1/2 weeks!) and he comes up with all these hilarious stories to put with his pictures. He’ll draw some lighting, and the write about how he is “Flash” and is going to “rule the universe!” Uh, we’ve got trouble, folks. 😉

10. And I’m off to prep for sessions. Have a lovely week!

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