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1. Happy back-to-work day! Did everyone have a good Memorial Day weekend? It’s always nice to get away and, as we went camping, really get away from technology for awhile. But I’m back at it today, and am happy to be home-and for hot showers. Those too. 🙂

2. I always take SO many pictures on trips, and I’ve realized that, when dealing with my own family images, if they don’t get edited right away (i.e. the first time I go through them) they’ll just sit in a folder on the computer. I’m trying to get better about it, and going through them ALL the first time around, so they don’t get found years later. Horrible! So, without further adeu, here are some of my favorites so far.

3. This is hilarious. She is *not* impressed.


4. But I do have proof she thinks her uncle is a funny guy:

5. Wyatt is my second nephew, and he’s pretty cute too. I’m trying to beat out the scads of competition and become the favorite auntie, so I skipped calling him adorable in case he reads this when he’s a teenager…even if the boot fits. 😉

6. The thing I love about Y is that when we were down by the Merry-Go-Round (which he & I both didn’t care for), he wanted me to show him how to use my camera. After multiple exciting images of grass, my feet, and his forehead, he asked if Landon could take a picture of us together, and was pretty excited about it.


7. Proof that Emmalia was there, and proof that she was happy…if she was playing on the beach or going down the “big slide.” Kinda like the “big salad” episode on Seinfeld. Had to say it, Michael!

8. The in-law’s play cards as predictably as it snows in Alaska, and is balmy in Florida. At first just the guys played Bridge, but they started sucking the rest of us into their world domination plans slowly but surely. At this point, we have two holdouts I can think of, for those over 18. Javier is smiling because he just bid 4 no trump or something insane like that in.


9. And last, but not least, Landon, my happy camper and water baby. He’s always happy, unless he’s had too much people time, and needs a break. Then he just goes and sits by himself for a few minutes. I should take lessons.


10. Hope it’s  a wonderful week! I have lots and lots of sessions coming up to show off. And, bonus, newsletter subscribers,  watch your email today!

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