Spokane Photographers – 10 On Tuesday

1. I wrote the headline as “20 on Tuesday” and it took me a moment to realize what was wrong with that title. I’m tired!

2. And that exhaustion partly comes from being the VBS director at our church this year, and after all the planning we’ve finally gotten to it, this is the week! Every morning from 9-12 you can find us volunteers chasing around 35ish cuties, and it’s been a blast! They’re the best kids in the world, and watching them learn and have fun is so worth it!

3. So, because of that, things are a little quiet with no sessions, but this weekend, I’m back at it, and will be sharing some fun ones! I’m behind in sharing sessions as well, I’ve had alot lately that have never hit my Facebook page or blog for a preview, as galleries are returned ASAP, so hopefully when things are a little quieter I’ll be back to share all of the work I’ve been doing lately…maybe after the Holidays. 😉

4. And yes, sorry mama’s for saying the word “Holiday’s’ already, but can you believe how quickly summer is flying by?! I saw back-to-school supplies out at Target on Saturday, and nearly wanted to cry. Noooo! It feels like summer just got started for me.

5. Speaking of saying “noooo”, Elonna’s five months old today! Say what. She’s eating baby food and moving and ah. Slow down time, slow down. I’ll have to show off her five-month image when, you know, I actually take it. 😉

6. I smashed my hand at church last week, and I don’t think Nathan believed how much it hurt when I whined, until I took off my ring and showed him how hard that sideways hand smashing really was. Yikes.


7. THIS is super sweet. If you had a baby boy in the last month or so,  you might cry though, just warning you… 😉

8. On my days without sessions, I typically am working on jewelry shots for Distinctly Ivy. Here’s some new ones she’ll be selling in her shop this week!

Distinctly Ivy Necklace Photography

9. Distinctly Ivy Necklace Photography

10. Have a very happy week everyone, and stay cool!!

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