Spokane Photographer | 10 On Tuesday

1. Hello Tuesday! Or goodbye, either one. I can’t believe we’re back to almost the middle of another week. This week finds us slightly better than last (the flu has left our household!) but with the busyness of life I’m not sure that all that has been accomplished. 😉

2. An answer to the number one question in my inbox-we bought a house here and we are staying in Spokane! We’re thrilled about that part, considering that at this time last year, we were sending resumes to Colorado and Texas and other far away states!

3. The house is coming. Slowly, but surely, it’s coming. We have hit so many speed bumps  it almost boggles my mind. Was it really only two weeks ago we got the offer in? I feel like it’s been 2 months, and swiftly approaching 2 years. For every hurdle we cross, for every day we conquer problems, new one’s pop up each morning. It’s almost funny. Almost. 😉 Anyone else have any real estate horror stories to tell?

4. With that being said, and the assumption that meeting with a real estate lawyer (don’t ask) tomorrow, and then the bank appraisal goes well, I’m hoping that we’re close to being home free. And close we should be, as closing is only 5 weeks away. March 6th, hoorah!

5. And with that I haven’t  packed a single box. With all the craziness we come up against, I am determined that I would rather be haphazardly throwing things into boxes, than sad to be unpacking if the umpteenth thing falls through and sends us over the edge. That being said, I have a busy week this week and next week, and THEN I’ll start packing. With 3 weeks to go. 😉

6. I do fully intend on, after our home buying process (on this house or another!) is complete, to post reviews of some of the folks we have had the opportunity to work with through these last months. Our agent and lender have been nothing short of incredible, working under very tight deadlines, and with some not very helpful people on the other end. In a setting where we have seen some truly rigorous situations, they have worked efficiently, tirelessly and have been very communicative. Highest kudos to them.

7. I am officially on vacation February 20th through March 18th. I am not accepting any more sessions before those dates as I am full, but will be accepting sessions dates after the 18th, so go for it! First come, first serve, and all that good stuff. I do anticipate spring and summer booking extremely quickly (as is already the case) so please, contact me soon about dates, even if they are tentative at this point.

8. If you are a Facebook friend you already saw this, but I just love this picture. Landon talks A TON. He asks questions, he talks, he asks more questions, he talks some more. It is so much fun! He walks up to everyone at the store or at church, or anywhere really, and says “Hi, my name is Landon and I’m 4!”



10. Have a happy week!

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