Spokane Baby Photographer | 10 On Tuesday – Seattle Edition!

1. Happy Tuesday! This week we’re in lovely Seattle, soaking up some sunshine and time with family. I love it here, especially when it’s not raining. 😉 Nathan’s aunt’s house is so lovely, a cozy place to stay with so much light coming in and a gorgeous yard. Pictures to come! 😉

2. The rest of the ‘Christmas in Coeur d’Alene’ images are up on my Facebook Business page! Check them out HERE and don’t forget to like my page as well-you’ll stay up-to-date on news, specials, and the latest sneak peeks and sessions.

3. Additionally, a newsletter will be going out this week or the beginning of next week to those signed up, as I look for a special model for some ideas I have in  mind. If you are not signed up for my newsletter, you can do so HERE.

4. At least 6 months ago we started using homemade detergent, from a recipe I found on Pinterest, which you can see HERE. It was just ok. I liked it alright, but it didn’t seem to me like it cleaned our clothes that well, and if you didn’t dry the clothes IMMEDIATELY after washing them, they had an odd smell, which seems pretty common from what I’ve found online. So, I continued my search, since homemade detergent is SO much cheaper, and because Landon is allergic to most mainstream detergents. I found THIS recipe, made it and LOVE it! I highly recommend it if you are interested in a homemade, and super easy, cost effective detergent. Powdered detergant has never worked for us, so that makes it even neater!

5. On a side note, there is also a homemade cream detergent recipe that you can try. Who knew!?

6. We just hi another strike so now we’re 0-2 on the house situation, but we’re hoping the third try will be a charm (wherever that third house may be!) . 😉

7. I had every intention of bringing my laptop this week (I’m using Nathan’s) but miss Emmalia spilled water on it last weekend. And then closed the lid. And didn’t tell me till I found it the next day. Eek! I think it will survive, but a new keyboard is on it’s way to our house as week speak, because you can no longer type on it. Ha! I’m thinking a keyboard protector might be in order as well.

8. Whoever said kids cost 100,00 to raise by the time they’re 18-you were right. 😉

9. And with that, I’m off to have some family time!

10. Everyone have a fabulous week!

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