Classic Baby Photography in Spokane by Holly Clouse | 10 On Tuesday

1. Happy Tuesday! 🙂 I made it in with a few hours to spare. 😉

2. My happy news of the week is that we are all moved and in our new home, hooray! I won’t say ‘settled” quite yet, as we still have boxes and various things underfoot, but we are well on our way to feeling very “at home” in our new neighborhood.

3. I am, however, regretting those last minute, hurriedly packed boxes (I was up very late on Friday night 🙂 ) that say, “Misc.” or “Various” on them. Ha! Way to label, Holly.

4.  Last week I had some lovely women help me, Rachel, Trina Dee, Amy and both our mom’s and grandma’s. We painted the entire upstairs but for the kitchen, and ripped all the carpet out upstairs and scrubbed and polished our gleaming hardwoods. We had alot of men that came by as well to help, we had electrical that was cut and some broken pipes. We are so thankful for you all!

5. And I promise, promise, promise that there will be before and after pictures soon! I took alot with my phone, and my best friend took alot with her camera, but other than that I haven’t picked up my camera in over a week! It feels so weird, and I can’t wait to start getting some images of the kids in their new home, and getting into the swing of things with a baby session next week, hooray!

6. Nathan got his basketball hoop up on Sunday, and he and Landon played basketball last night. A car drove by once (our street is super quiet) and Landon said, “Dad, if I got run over by a car you’d have to get a new kid!” Oh dear, that kid thinks of everything..

7. I’m also getting back into cooking after two weeks of moving, packing and prepping this new home, so tonight I tried a new recipe for Burritos, HERE. We loved it and it was super easy! Try it out soon.

8. Has anyone ever managed to get black sharpie marker off of a stone fireplace? The previous owners got some black mark of some kind on the upstairs fireplace (pretty sure it’s a thick sharpie mark!) and I’ve googled to find out what will remove it without destroying the stone. I found a site that list WD40, acetone, and a few other ingredients that sounded scary. I think it’s worth a try, if I know I won’t damage the stone.

9. Last call to sign up for my mailing list! As soon as I get come back full time next week, I will be sending out a maternity casting call for mommy’s due this summer and early fall.

10. Have a lovely week!!


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  • Elizabeth holderMay 9, 2012 - 12:10 pm

    Comgrats on being almost settled- cant wai to see before and after photos those are always fun- especially the ones of the hardwood flooors. I laughed at your “misc” box too – I do the same thing then get really mad at myself
    Have a good weekReplyCancel