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1. I was getting ready for bed last night after getting the kids in bed, calling Nathan, and cleaning up the hot mess of a gingerbread village, and realized A.) It was indeed Tuesday and B.) I really didn’t want to go back downstairs and blog. Here’s to a day late! 🙂

2. I’m totally loving December, with our tree up, Christmas music on, and excited kiddos! It’s so busy with all the sessions, Christmas parties, and various other activities, but it’s a good busy.

3. Butttt…I don’t love how sick the kids are during the busy. We have friends with croup and pneumonia, so I am hoping we’re going to avoid that whole mess. Here’s to a good night of sleep tonight, especially for Emma!

3. Oh yeah, and with that, Jack’s baaaack!!!! 😉


4. He’s wreaking havoc everywhere! He climbed the tree, swung on the fan, and spelled out, “Hi from Santa!” in Cheerios! Last night he was too tired to do much though. 😛 I think tonight he’s going to welcome our new Beta fish “Lewis” into the family!

5. I’m waiting for three little newborns to make their entrances in the next few weeks…assuming they don’t make their mommies wait too long! Such a fun Christmas present! 🙂

6. A few quick snapshots from when we got the Christmas tree last week! I am *so* bad on updating pictures of our kiddos during my busy season. (which seems to be all year now! 😉 ) Spokane Family Photography

7. And Landon!! i.e Goofball 😉

Spokane Photographer

8. I am so sad to say I can’t squeeze another family portrait session in this month. 🙁 December is packed to the gills! I do have open slots in January for newborn or baby sessions, but only two! Please use the contact button at the top of the page, of you need pricing and details!

9. Annnd, keeping with that Christmas theme, Landon’s the innkeeper in our church play in a couple weeks! (How is Christmas so close?!) I can’t wait to see how he does, especially because I haven’t had the chance to be in any of his practices. Emma adamently declared that she *DOES NOT* want to be in the play, but after watching him practice once, she told me the other day, “Mom, I’m rethinking that…” HA!

10. Have a lovely evening, and a fabulous week!

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