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1. Hey all, happy Tuesday! Hope that your week is starting off well! Sunshine means it is for me! 😉

2. I’ve got three fun sessions this weekend-photographing a home that will be on the market soon, an engagement and then a family session! I adore spring and the fabulous weather and blooming trees that are showing up all around. And that the kids get to play outside! They love it.

3. Does anyone here know how to juggle? No, not life, toys. 😉 Landon keeps asking me to show him that I can, and when I explained I couldn’t, he was pretty disappointed, and asked me to learn for him, ha! He thinks I have spidey-sense (I can tell if they’re being naughty even if they’re outside, and I’m inside… 😉 ) so I gotta keep up his amazement of me, hehe!

4. Speaking of kids, I came across this website: Life to Her Years yesterday, and I love it. So sweet.

5. I blame the time it took me to post today on a.) feeling awful and b.) this little treasure:



7. We finished the downstairs bathroom! *HAPPY DANCE* Besides the mirror and nailing the baseboard, I did this one by myself, and it was a chore. Wallpaper or border of any kind is such a pain to remove, then I painted right before the holiday’s. I debated forever what to do with the vanity, but after Nathan got the baseboard up a few weeks ago, I took the plunge, and started painting. I love how it turned out! And I do love diy projects, even if I am getting tired of painting. I’ve almost painted an entire 2200 sq ft house now, inside and out! Just two rooms to go.

8. Next picture to come is the outside front steps. We ripped off the carpet that was basically rotting off, did some work to the steps and redid new carpet out there. Hooray for progress!

9. Any fun diy projects this spring for your family?

10. Have a great, sunny week!

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