10 On Tuesday – Spokane Portrait Photographers

1. It’s been one of those days! I might be slightly ecstatic that it’s almost over, and that I have just a few more images to finish up tonight before I can relax. And enjoy my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Bar. That might be the main reason. 😉

2. Of the images I’m finishing up this evening, check out Distinctly Ivy’s newest necklace! I LOVE it.

3. Distinctly Ivy Necklace

4. And don’t you love getting sneak peeks from my blog before she even has that necklace listed in her shop?! 😉 She has another amazing domed flower necklace coming soon as well, they are my new favorites!

5. Congratulations, H Family, on your new baby girl! I have the pleasure of photographing Scarlett tomorrow, and can’t wait to meet her! Along with that, about 4 weeks till our baby girl! We’re getting so excited over here…

6. I know alot of my readers are fans, so Go Seahawks! We will definitely be rooting them on, we’re big fans over here! (Ok, huge fans!) I’m scared we’re gonna lose though, not gonna lie.

7. You mom’s have probably seen this floating around Facebook, but if you haven’t or haven’t clicked on it, read it! I just love it. It spoke to my mommy heart.  “Why Being a Mom is Enough”

8. I’ve been (obviously) going through baby clothes, and sorting things for the diaper bag, and I honestly can’t even remember half the stuff I’ll need! It’s amazing to me that it’s been this long (almost 5 years!) since we had a tiny baby in the house, and that we’re starting over again. Landon has SO many questions for me, when she’ll be here, how I’ll know, what she’ll wear, how she’ll look, and it’s so fun to go over their albums with them and look at almost 5 and (*sob) almost 7 years ago. Crazy!

9. Recipe of the week? These Slow Cooker Chicken Casar Salad Wraps! Here’s hoping they’re delish…

10. Have a good evening, and a fabulous week!

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