10 On Tuesday – Spokane Portrait Photographer – Holly Clouse Photography

1. October is officially FLYING by. I thought it was gonna kick my behind, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel now. 🙂 I absolutely love photographing so many families, and love the busyness of the holiday season coming, but, um, I don’t get much sleep in the fall. Ha!

2. And, further proof it’s flying, all the light snow we have forecasted! We might wake up with a dusting on Thursday, eeks!

3. I get seriously obsessed with songs, and have to listen to them about 5 billion times to get them out of my system. This seriously bugs some people that love me. (we won’t mention names 😉 ) That being said, here’s my two newest obsessions:


5. I think 4,000 of the views on each video are mine. 😉

6. Our printer has been dying a long, and sad death the last 6 months, I routinely wrestle with it, but it totally died Friday afternoon. My sister saved me when I ran to her house to print invoices, and shipping labels. Thank you, Ivy! Our new one should be arriving by Amazon today, and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t print anything! Feels like an arm is missing, which sadly shows how much I use it, ha! #firstworldproblems (The hashtag’s for you, Michael and Dave)

7. Our car’s got broken into on Saturday night. BOO. They took my GPS, Nathan’s cash, and his laptop. I actually didn’t get that grumpy, I just rolled my eyes, and thought some kids must need that stuff more…or something. Hooray for having two good jobs, so that Nathan can get another laptop for work pronto, we are blessed!

8. The kids & I are going to be doing some kind of giving project for Nov/Dec and the Holiday Season. We talked about sending a few packages to troops overseas, or packing some shoe boxes with Samaritan Purse. Have any other ideas for me?

9. I’m currently working on the VIP client section of my site, which is almost complete. Clients, it also comes with a specialized site to order Christmas cars through! Stay tuned for an email coming your way soon!

10. And have a great week! More sessions for me this weekend, and a fun interview on Friday with an amazing photographer, stay tuned!

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