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1. Happy Tuesday! And happy hot, it’s supposed to be 99 today!

2. I’m “on vacation” this week, starting yesterday, but am still responding to emails and finishing up some orders, so if you have a last minute question you’d like answered before next Tuesday, email me this morning!

3.  I like to think that I find alot of bands before they ever make it big. This is probably only partialy true, because I have found like, four, before they’ve made it big, 😉 but nonetheless, I’ve found four! Well, fifth now, apparently, as Philip Phillips has made it HUGE not only by winning American Idol, but now with his popular song ‘Home” also being played during the USA girls gymnastic competition. The entire world knows him now. 😉

4. And if you haven’t heard ‘Home”…

5. His version of “We’ve Got Tonight” is beautiful too!

6. Anyone have good home remedies for spider bites? I have one on my arm (I think it’s a spider bite..) and I think those might be worse for me than a bee sting.

7. You guys see so many pictures of my kids in the off season, then when I get slammed during my busy season, I never put any up! They’re growing up way too fast, so here’s one of Landon I took late the other night, since family reads this blog as well. 🙂


9. One another housekeeping note, something that I have gotten tons of emails about lately; I do book weddings. I also have two other, extremely talented photographer’s here in Spokane that I refer to as well, when I am too booked to be booking weddings. So, ask away! I am always happy to answer questions, or help you out in your search for the perfect wedding photographer. I believe that the images you will have from your wedding day is what will be one of your most important and treasured items 20 years down the road. Choose wisely!

10. Have a lovely week, I’ll see you all next week!

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