10 On Tuesday – Spokane Portrait Photographer

1. I’ve hit a wall, folks. You probably don’t want to hear about an already long week of the flu, a migraine, Nathan almost blowing his tire out at 5am, and my baby doctor appointment, so I’ll just say that it makes me appreciate the days, weeks, um, months?! when life runs a bit smoother then it is now.

2. Also, the Seahawks did not help on Sunday, so thanks alot for that loss, guys. Just kidding. 😉

3. I’m booked out to November! You guys are amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you. If you need a weekend session, the next available is November 9th! I also have one the weekend of November 16th (if you’re willing to bear some probably chilly weather with me!) and then I’m booked out for the entire year! Thank you!

4. I’ve been asked a few times, and though I have tentative dates, I do not have solid maternity dates yet for when I’ll be off, and back to work. I promise to update you all on that!

5. If you want a mini-session, I’ve still got a few slots this weekend! Contact me, holly (@) hollyclousephotography.com for details!

6. I got some super cute Chooka rain boots today on a super deal, and I’m ridiculously happy about having something that will keep my tootsies warm and dry for all those sessions coming up!

7. If you’re looking for darling Holiday dresses for your little lady, for pictures or parties, Costco has them! $16.99, and they really are darling. They had 10 to 15 different styles/colors when I was there last week. Now Costco needs matching boy outfits for brother’s! 🙂

8. My morning sickness with Landon was not great, but I hit a middle time, months 4-7 when I didn’t have it. Emma’s was just at the beginning. I *still* throw up every.single.day. with this little cutie! The doctor gave me some drugs at first, which didn’t work. Then they got me on high dose vitamins because we thought I might be missing something, but no dice. Finally it was tons of protein in my diet, but that’s not working either. I AM very grateful that I know every day, by the kicks (and throwing up! 😉 ) that she’s still doing well in there, and I always tell myself that. But if any of you gals had whole pregnancy long morning sickness, and have tips for me, I’d just love them! I think I’ve tried just about everything under the sun so far…

9. Anyone else Christmas shopping yet? Mine’s mostly online so far, but I’ve got two people done so far! Granted, that’s out of like…15, but hey, we’re getting there! 😉

10. Hope it’s a happy week! Stay tuned for so many fun session shares coming up, hooray for fall!

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