10 On Tuesday | Spokane Portrait Photographer

1. I can’t say “Happy Tuesday!” without feeling awful about the images from Oklahoma. I feel like I start so many TOT praying for people across the world that are facing devastating circumstances. We’ve had so many horrific moments in the past 18+ months. For today, again, I’m praying for OK, and my heart is breaking for all those children.

2. I’m on vacation this week, Thursday through Monday, and will be back in the office Tuesday. I’ll respond to emails and calls that day! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 🙂

3. We’re waiting for carpet to be installed in the basement, so for now, the kids have their little “room” setup here in my office. I had to work for a few minutes during Emma’s quiet time today, and it was cute as she sat there asking me questions about what I was doing. I love that they get to be so close to me when I work, such a blessing for me! Still, the carpet can’t come soon enough. 😉 Can’t wait to have the house back to “normal” again!

4. Last call to sign up for my newsletter! I’ll be sending out a special to newsletter subscriber’s only next Tuesday, and releasing to the general public in June. It’s a fun one, so sign up HERE!

5. We had a busy weekend, and one of the things we did was celebrate Emma’s birthday with Nathan’s side of the family. She enjoyed herself (what girl doesn’t, getting to open all those presents?!) and she liked her cake. And momma got her favorite picture, cracks me up!


7. And, for a few months, we have a 4 and 5 year old, which is too much fun! I love how well they get along (for the most part…) right now. Here’s to many more years of that, and taking our sweet time getting to the teen years. 😉

8. Any fun camping plans for the summer? We LOVE camping (ok, the kids and I love camping!) and we have a few trips planned out this year. I’m hoping to get over to the coast as well, to go camping on the beach. Since I grew up right by the beach, it kills me that the kiddos have only been there once. I hope to remedy that this year!

9. And in case you do love camping, or love your fire pit in the backyard like we do, here’s a fun page I found on Pinterest, with lots of recipes. Can’t wait to try some! 25 Delicious Camping Recipes

10. Have a lovely week and a wonderful holiday weekend!

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