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1. Happy Tuesday! How goes it? We have our basement torn apart, Nathan’s heading out for a new job, and my FIL just got back from Afghanistan, so lots of fun things going on around here.

2. I can’t wait to share images of the basement! What a doozy. We ripped down all the wood paneling, and Nathan dry-walled it. We have a company mudding/taping/texturing this week, then comes paint and primer, then new carpets! I’m most excited for that last part, when I can view the completion all the hard work and long hours we’ve been putting in. 🙂

3. And a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers! Was it wonderful? It was Emma’s 4th birthday, and Mother’s Day, and we celebrated the day with my side this year. (This weekend is with the in-laws!) I have SO many fun pictures from that day, sometimes I’m not as great about photographing family events as I am of photographing clients memorable events. The night before Mother’s Day, I was thinking of how few pictures I have with my mom as I’m older now, and would love to have more. So, without further adieu, a few from our Mother’s Day celebration!

4. My “little” brother and I. He’s so old now, ha!

5. I can’t show you the inspiration for this picture, as they were copying my other brother, and that picture is being reserved for blackmail, but trust me, it’s funny. 😉

6. My gorgeous sister with the birthday girl! 

7.  This one’s a rare shot too, me and my sis!


8. On a scheduling note, I’m booked out to August! If you are an expecting momma, please contact me still, as I might be able to squeeze you in. The rest of you-you’re awesome! Thanks so much for booking me, I can’t wait to photograph all those gorgeous families!

9. Anyone doing fun summer vacations? We’re camping soon, hooray! I can’t wait to get a vacation with family.

10. Have a wonderful day, and a fabulous week!

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