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1. Boston, oh Boston. My heart hurts. Sometimes I don’t think hermits have the worst idea, hiding away from this crazy, crazy world. My thoughts and prayers go out to those victims and their family members. And, the hero’s, the first responders (be it other runners, EMT, security, anyone) that is running directly into that smoke, right after the explosions. You can see it on the videos and it gives me shivers every time I see it. True hero’s.

2. Also, being a “runner” myself, (jogger!) I really get  THIS post.

3. I came across this video yesterday on Facebook, and posted it on my personal page, because it’s lovely. Kudo’s to Dove for keeping it real. As women we always pick out our flaws. In sessions, many of my lovely clients will tell me different things about themselves, i.e. I look fat! My hair looks awful! I have wrinkles! But all I can see through the camera lens is beauty as they snuggle kiddos and look at their hubby’s. You’re gorgeous! Everyone of us is.

4. I am having such fun talking to all the expectant mommy’s that came my via my casting call last week! I love hearing their baby names, seeing their nurseries, the ultrasounds, all of it. So sweet, and I can’t wait to meet some sweet babies!

5. My brother found me a gorgeous solid wood coffee table at Goodwill last fall for $35. We bought my mom the exact same one for Mother’s Day one year for $300+ so I was thrilled, but it (obviously!) needed some rehab. Last night I finally finished that rehab, which took longer then I thought it would, due to Nathan spray painting it when we painted the house. AHEM. It’s all done now, and looks so pretty, if I do say so myself. I adore rehabing furniture, it’s almost relaxing. Unless it gets spray painted when you’re 75% finished. 😉

6. And, the object in question:



8.  I photography all of my sister’s jewelry for her business, Distinctly Ivy. I’ve been photographing so many fun, new necklaces, that would be so great for mom’s and grandma’s for Mother’s Day! LOVE this one:

9. distinctly ivy


10. And, I’m off, to start my next project. Have a great week!

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  • Elizabeth HolderApril 18, 2013 - 8:32 am

    Love the coffee table – I plan on redoing furniture when I return home – some before and afters are amazing! And so true about the dove post when I look through my lens everyone is beautiful!ReplyCancel