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1. Ah, it’s Tuesday again, and I’m finally back! The verdict is Pneumonia, and I got it *bad*. I was sick for almost a whole month, and am still coughing, but am SO glad to be feeling better and up and around! The kids seem 100% better, they got hit with it for about a week, and Nathan has been working on the west side of the state, so it seems as though he has managed to escape it!

2. Christmas was not fun, however this year, with Nathan only being home about 14 hours total from midnight Christmas Eve to Christmas Day, and me laying on the couch in a antibiotic induced daze, but I know alot of other’s where sick as well (lots of my clients families are sick right now, feel better you all! 🙁 ) and I’m grateful we got to be together. As my mother-in-law said (they where all sick too) it’s a Christmas and New Year’s we’ll always remember! 😉

3. And for my awesome readers that are still sticking it out with me and checking in on us, I have a giveaway coming on Friday! You ladies will *love* it, so stay tuned!

4. Did you see all my newborn posts lately? I had so many darling little ones born in December, and another sweet little girly arriving Thursday! I adore meeting them all, snuggling them, and getting their very first images!

5. And with that, I’m due in about 5 weeks, AH! It’s all the sudden hit me (for some weird reason it hadn’t before!) that there’s going to be a new little girly here soon. I think part of it was I’ve started nesting, and after being so sick, this last week I’m all, “Ahhhhhh, the baby’s nursery needs done NOW!” Ha! But it’s coming along, and I know, before we know it, she’ll be here and we’ll be back to swimming in diapers, and strollers, and baby clothes!

6. girls chalkboard nursery7. I’m totally booked up through my maternity leave! I’m back by the beginning of April, so please let me know if you are interested in a spring session! I’m happily already getting people on the books for the spring/summer, and even a few early planners that want prime fall dates! (and I can’t blame you!)

8. If you’re working your meals/healthier/quicker in the new year, here’s a fun post I found, “The Art & Craft of Frozen Dinner Kits”! I love this one…and am definitely going to utilize some of these for when the baby is here!

9. I’ve hardly had the chance to even look through our Christmas pictures, since I’ve been working on so many client shoots still, but I *love* this next one of Auntie Ivy (my older sister!) with Landon, playing on the DS they got him. Family time is awful precious, isn’t it?

IMG_8882 web

10. I’m off to more work! Have a lovely day. 🙂

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