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1. Happy Tuesday! Happy sunny Tuesday at that, what a gorgeous day! I’m excited to air out the house, and get the kids outside. 🙂

2. I’ve responded to all the emails I’ve gotten this past week! Thank you all for contacting me, and I am very much looking forward to photographing all your families. We booked 6 sessions this past week, what fun! Please contact me if you’re wanting a session this year, even if you just know the month right now, as I’m booking up very quickly this year. I look forward to it!

3. I photographed my sweeties the other day, for their annual Easter/Spring session I do with them every year. I can’t believe that I have a baby in there with Landon and Emma now (eeks!) and how grown up those two look. More to come soon! (See one of all three that I posted on my business page HERE)

4. Elonna is a rather grumpy baby, but she is SO happy when she’s outside in warm sunshine, laying on a blanket!

5. Spokane Baby Photographer6. I volunteered to be the VBS director at our church this year, and I’m simultaneously thrilled and terrified, ha! I have an amazing crew of people backing me up though, and I know we’ll do great. Landon thinks it’s super awesome I’m the director, and keeps asking if he can get all the details. 😉 If you want to bring your kiddos, mark your calenders for July 14th through 17th, we’d love to have them!

7. Nathan and I caught up on some movie watching this past weekend. We watched ‘Saving Mr Banks’, which we loved, and ‘Catching Fire’, which he liked but I was at a “Meh” with it. I read the books, which I liked alot better then the movies (they leave out so many details!), and so I just keep going, “Meh” whenever I watch it. We also watched ‘Frozen’ (we are SO behind!) and the kids loved it, but Nathan and I didn’t! We might be the only parents on the planet that don’t like it. 😉 Too much music, ha!

8. On that note, we were at Target the other day, and Landon saw a Frozen Elsa doll in a family’s cart. He loudly announced to the little girl, and her mommy, that his mommy didn’t like that movie. I felt very embarrassed with four mom’s staring at me with amazed expressions on their faces, as they all clutched Elsa dolls, haha!

9. Watch for a post with a Mother’s Day special in it soon…a big one!

10. Have a wonderful day, everyone! Enjoy the beautiful spring weather….

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