10-On-Tuesday | Spokane Photographer

1. Nathan left for Wyoming last week to start a job, which looks like it will be temporary. It’s a hard spot because it’s a long-term temporary but not long-term enough for the kids and I to move. Right now it looks like 1-2 months maybe? If there’s one thing I learned in his last profession, it’s being quite flexible in suddenly having a job & picking up and going, or suddenly not having a job. Apparently it was preparing me for the complete insanity of this next profession. 😉

2. I’m tired of snow. Hmmph.

3. My sister and I get together with two dear friends for each of our birthday’s and usually do a dinner together. Last Saturday was Sarah’s 25th, and her sister’s put on such a fun fondue dinner! Yum!!

4. There was a mouse in our house once-upon-a-time that we got rid of, and I haven’t seen any, ahem, evidence of one since. BUT, now that Nathan’s gone, I swear I hear something crawling under our house. Yeah, it’s not as bad as in our house, but I’m freaked out. And Rachel teases me about not watching scary movies. I have an imagination folks. GAH.

5. What’s everyone doing for Easter? The kids and I are headed to my parents to spend the day with them, complete with an Easter egg hunt for the kiddos. Back to my statement about the snow…please be sunny.

6. I have some of the greatest people in my life, and am forever grateful for my best friend. She is such a giving, helpful person, and I am SO happy she’s in our life. Also, the fact that I am going to get my haircut for the first time in months today without kids because she’s watching them? Yeah, she deserves an award. 😉

7. Here follows the only picture you will probably ever see of me teaching. Enjoy. 😉

8. Has anyone else given up on the Mariner’s? Or…just me?

9. We went to Nathan’s grandma’s house last week to let Landon & Emmalia & their cousin’s plant flowers. They had alot of fun, I have pictures coming! (eventually.)

10. Have a happy week!

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