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1. I’m not even sure where to start this week…we had such a crazy, rather crummy week last week, but yesterday was a new day and the start of a new week, and I got ridiculous amounts of things accomplished. I texted that to my bestie, and she texted back, “Isn’t that every day?” Ok, I got ridiculous amounts of things accomplished, even for me. 😉

2. Landon is quite the wisecracker lately. He is so funny the stuff he says, the way he says things, and the ideas and stories he comes up with. He’s gonna be a basketball player race car driver lineguy photographer when he grows up, so watch.out.world. 😉

3. Who loves march madness?! We looooove March Madness, even when our Zags lose (so called that one). We can still root for the girls! Also, March Madness is the most fun when you’re the one winning the bracket pool. And beating your husband. Not that I’d know or anything… 😉 Go Ohio State!

4. I am such a nerd. (my best friend and I have come to this conclusion. 😉 ) I *love* medical books and reading on current events and links in them, which then leads me to numerous Wikipedia pages that I can’t not read about.  I almost drive myself crazy sometimes, ’cause I have about 4 books open at the same time, pouring over them. Thanks heavens I do have friends that are interested in what I’ve learned. 😉

5. Did you know that various Etsy shops are sending proceeds from their sales to help the relief efforts in Japan? Go to Etsy and search something like “help Japan”. Awesome to see how many come up!

6. Does everyone know about the Just Between Friends kids consignment event held at the Fairgrounds twice a year? This spring it is Friday, April 8 at 9:00am – April 10 at 2:00pm. One of my best friend’s and I usually go every time it’s held, and we really enjoy it. It seemed to nearly double in size when we went last fall, so I am really excited about checking it out soon!

7. Because we can never leave food out of 10-on-Tuesdays 😉 here is a smoothie recipe I tried with the kids this week…Green Smoothies! I left out the tofu, (Nathan is shuddering that that word is even within 10 miles of his home 😉 ) but it was really, really good! Smoothies seem like such a great way to get some fruits and veggies into the kids…or rather, fruits into Landon and veggies into Emma, ’cause they each eat copious amounts of one or the other!

8. To add to the yumminess, this next link coming your way, Stuffed Berry French Toast is YUMMY. Yummy I tell you.

9. I’m getting ready for an 1 1/2 hour class I’m teaching on photography in 2 weeks. Very excited!

10. Have a great Tuesday! I’ve got more pictures from Seaside headed your way, along with Small Business Friday!

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